Enhancing dependent sample analyses with graphics

A standard topic in many Introductory Statistics courses is the analysis of dependent samples. A simple graphical approach that is particularly relevant to dependent sample comparisons is presented, illustrated and discussed in the context of analyzing five real data sets. Each data set to be presented has been published in a textbook, usually introductory. Illustrations show that comprehensive graphical analyses often yield more nuanced, and sometimes quite different interpretations of data than are derived from standard numerical summaries. Indeed, several of our findings would not readily have been revealed without the aid of graphic or visual assessment. Several arguments made by John Tukey about data analysis are seen to have special force and relevance.

Pruzek, R.M. & Helmreich, J. (2009) Enhancing dependent sample analyses with graphicsJour. of Statisical Education, 17, 1.    [http://amstat.org/publications/jse/v17n1/helmreich.html ]

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