granova: an R package for graphical analysis of variance

The granova package for R consists of four functions (granova.1w, granova.2w, granova.contr and granova.ds) that create what we term elemental graphics.  That is, these functions have been developed to provide information and graphics that pertain directly to the fundamental questions that drive each of the particular methods for analysis: one-way anova, two-way anova, contrast-driven anova and dependent sample comparisons using anova. Assuming you have a working R platform, you can download the package using


An article that documents these functions has been submitted for publication. Any comments you have would be appreciated.

Download ElementalGraphicsForANOVA.finalJune11.pdf


PSAgraphics: An R package to Support Propensity Score Analysis

Propensity score analysis is a technique for adjusting for selection bias in observational data. Estimated propensity scores (probability of treatment given observed covariates) are used for stratification of observations. Within strata covariates should be more balanced between the two treatments than without the stratification. PSAgraphics is an R package that provides flexible graphical tools to assess within strata balance between treatment groups, as well as how covariate distributions differ across strata. Additional graphical tools facilitate estimation of treatment effects having adjusted for covariate differences. Several new and conventional numerical measures of balance are also provided.

Helmreich, J & Pruzek, R.M. (2009) PSAgraphics: An R package to Support Propensity Score AnalysisJour. of Stat. Software, 29, 06. [ ]