Some new regression methods for predictive and construct validation

Both predictive and construct validation are essential to instrument development in all social and behavioral sciences. Ideally, both types of validation entail theoretical as well as empirical studies; moreover, the term validation implies a process that takes place over time, often in a sequentially articulated fashion. The choice of methods and methodology for empirical data analyses is of course central to the viability of validation studies. This article describes and reports on the empirical functionality of some modern methods for linear prediction, methods that appear to hold special promise for improving both the theoretical and empirical usefulness of validation studies in the social and behavioral sciences. Because ordinary least squares (OLS) methods are, far and away, the most popular forms of multiple regression, particular attention will be given to comparing the new methods with OLS regression.

Rabinowitz, S.N., Rule, D., & Pruzek, R.M. (1998). Some new regression methods for predictive and construct validation. Social Indicators Research, 45, 201-231

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